Off The Road Vehicles

OTR vehicles require reliable and durable tyres made from quality materials and that are manufactured to the highest safety standards. At Atlas Tyres, we carry a range of tyres that meet all of those criteria. Our two main brands Aeolus and Windpower are industry leaders and have a strong reputation for designing products that are environmentally conscious and technologically advanced.

Our range includes tyres for a range of different vehicles and machinery used within the mining and construction sectors including:

  • Loaders, dozers and underground machines
  • Graders
  • High speed vehicles
  • Transport Machines
  • Floatation tyres
  • Delivery vehicles

All of the different tyres also come in a selection of sizes and tread options to suit different applications.

Please use the buttons below to browse through our catalogue, and if you would like to enquire about becoming a reseller then please contact us today on 1300 285 278.