Its 45° angle tread bars give superior traction. The rim flange protector is a special feature to protect the sidewall against snags and branches. Carcass design with Kevlar or steel belt protection produces a longer tyre life.

    • 45° angle tread bars
    • Superior traction
    • Rim flange protector
    • Protected sidewall against snags and branches
    • Carcass design with kevlar or steel belt protection for long tyre life
    Size Tread depth (1/32") Ply rating type Tread depth (mm) Standard rim Section wid. (mm) Section wid. (1/32") Overall dia. (mm) Overall dia. (1/32") Max. Load 40km/h (kg) Max. Load 30km/h (kg) Max. Load 50km/h (kg) Max. Pressure 40km/h (kPa) Max. Pressure 30km/h (kPa) Max. Pressure 50km/h (kPa)
    28L-26 16 TT / TL 57 DW25A 714 28,1 1644 64,7 4275 210
    28L-26 20 TT / TL 57 DW25A 714 28,1 1644 64,7 4635 240