The Windpower WDC55 is a premium truck drive tyre designed for on and off-road service applications, especially in severe conditions. The tread width is wider than traditional 11R22.5 drive tyres, improving stability, tread life and traction. The extra deep tread extends tyre life to offer premium Cost-per-Kilometre. Its rugged directional tread provides outstanding self-cleaning abilities, and reinforced casing for even the most harsh terrain applications.

    Designed for:

    • Regional Trucks
    • Logging Trucks
    • Dump Trucks
    • Concrete Mixers
    • Refuse/Waste Trucks
    • Construction Vehicles
    Tyre Position Size Ply rating Standard rim Permitted rim Section wid. (mm) Overall dia. (mm) Rolling Cirf. (mm) Single max. load (kg) Dual max. load (kg) Single (kPa) Dual (kPa) Tread depth (mm) Tread width (mm) SS LI
    D 11R22.5 16 8.25 7.5 282 1072 3270 3000 2725 830 830 24 220 K 143/143