The Windpower WDR68 is a premium drive tire optimized for exceptional traction and mileage. The ultra wide 235mm tread is specially compounded for wide range of Australian applications offering high stability and premium performance. Engineered to achieve low Cost-per-Kilometer. The WDR68 suits fleets and independents seeking long term value and savings with premium performance.

    Designed for:

    • Long-Distance Trucks
    • Regional Trucks
    • Local Trucks
    • Freight Liners
    • Local Buses
    • Coaches
    • Dump Trucks
    • Rigid Trucks
    • Mix Concrete Trucks
    • Refuse Trucks
    • Pick-up and Delivery Trucks
    Tyre Position Size Ply rating Standard rim Permitted rim Section wid. (mm) Overall dia. (mm) Rolling Cirf. (mm) Single max. load (kg) Dual max. load (kg) Single (kPa) Dual (kPa) Tread depth (mm) Tread width (mm) LI SS
    D 11R22.5 16 8.25 7.5 284 1068 3257 3000 2725 830 830 22.5 235 146/143 L